Fake Id Cards Sold By Id God

I used to think, OK, the Dark Web is a shady place, but as long as I stay away from it, I’ll be fine. I’m not supposed to get in trouble, but apparently, I can, as can any of us. On the dark web, not only drugs and guns are sold. Data and your personal information are the most valuable commodities being traded. Idgod is one such website that deals in forged identification and identity theft.

What is identity theft? 

Every year, millions of people worldwide are victims of identity theft. Identity thieves can steal identities in a variety of ways. Some identity thieves steal physical information to commit identity theft.

  • Dumpster diving: On the dark web, the thieves use printers or phones with hard drives that have not been cleaned before disposal. They can also do this by stealing e-mails or abandoned devices like phones and computers. They sometimes rely on social engineering, in which the fraudsters persuade the victim to reveal personal information.
  • Phishing: Phishing is a common example of this, in which a fraudster poses as a trusted person or individual and asks the victim for confidential material.
  • Data breaching: High-tech techniques such as spyware or security breaches, in which hacktivists attack large organizations and steal the personal data of 1000s of staff and customers, also can be used to commit identity theft. Stolen information is frequently sold on unauthorized trading internet sites as a result of data infringements.


Id god

Id god is a website that sells fake identification cards that can be scanned. The vendors go to great lengths to ensure maximum privacy for their customers, which is why they do not store people’s passwords in their databases. Following a purchase, your account will be linked to your email address. Please make sure you can access this email at any time and save the password ID God will not be able to recover it if you lose it. Your order history will be saved in your account.

How can you protect yourself?

Before disposing of any documents containing personally identifiable information, ensure that they are shredded. Such a request will never be made by a reputable organization. If you get a phone call requesting information. Request that they call you back.