Know the benefits of health insurance

Every one of us saves some of the remaining money according to our income for the future so that we can use that accumulated amount for our needs in the coming days in future. There are many ways to accumulate amount and save. Health insurance is one of the best ways to secure your future in time. Even many insurances schemes are best for anyone even for foreign worker medical insurance.

Things to make note of and benefits

  • If you have a health card, the cost of a daycare facility, maternity delivery is easily accepted by the insurance companies.
  • Another big benefit of taking a health insurance plan is that you can get an income tax deduction in the account of income tax.
  • Before taking a health insurance card, check if there is a separate fee for ICU in the health insurance you take. Make sure your insurance is ICU free.
  • One more thing to keep in mind before taking a health insurance card is whether there is a Restoration facility in your health insurance plan. If the sum insured is exhausted due to a serious illness of one person, there is a possibility of restoring the sum insured in the name of the other.

  • Before choosing the best health insurance company, be sure to consider whether your health insurance card has the benefit of top-up and super top-up.
  • If you have the benefit of Super-top-up in your Health insurance plans, then all the benefits covered in insurance will be re-introduced as it is in your Health Card.New health insurance plans, such as for pre-existing diseases, have a waiting period of approx 48 months from the date the insurance is taken out for a few companies and it varies from company to company.But if a Super-top-up facility is available in old insurance, a new waiting period is not given for pre-existing diseases.
  • Never hide your pre-existing diseases when insuring with an insurance company.Otherwise, your insurance policy may be rejected if you fall ill in the next case. If you have smoked, drunk, used tobacco products in case of asthma etc. and bad habits, inform the insurance company in advance when insuring.
  • It is true that if you inform the insurance company in advance, your insurance premium may be a little higher, but you will not have any difficulty in making an insurance claim if you fall ill next time.
  • If you have health insurance plans and your sum insured has not claimed for any illness, and you renew your policy with the same insurance company
  • In that case, you can take a No Claim Bonus from your insurance company. In this case, different insurance companies do differ according to their policies.

So when you buy health insurance plans for yourself or your family, as a responsible citizen, you should buy the policy by considering the above benefits.