What is a divorce and what is child maintenance?

When couple decide to get separated and they would not like to stay with each other they prefer to get legally divorced. Legally getting separated and cancelling all legal duties of marriage is called as divorce. Couple usually take the step of divorce when they make up their minds that they would not like each other’s company and when they can’t live together with each other.Terminating their marriage legally is a divorce.Couple usually get married only with an intention to live together with each other lifelong.However the situations and expectations changes as time passes.

There are couple who stay strong and support each other during difficult situation.There are few couple who may not be fine with each other’s behaviour. There are cases of harassment and violence after marriage.Most of the cases we have seen is divorce due to extra matrimonial affair after marriage.In case there is no love between the couple after marriage or if they find a better person who is more compatible than the partner then couples decide to go for divorce.There is mutual divorce where both the parties agree to get separated legally.

Child maintenance singapore

One important point which comes into picture during divorce is who will have the possession of the kid.The partners or couple will also discuss regarding the child maintenance.Child maintenance is the agreement between the couple or the parents of the child.The points which is mentioned in child maintenance is how the child’s expenses will be taken care.Since the parents are getting divorced should not impact the upbringing of the kids and also should not impact the kid both financially or emotionally.No doubt that the kid may have to face the fact that his/her parents are getting divorced.However it’s the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the child maintenance is taken care and there should not be any impact of their divorce in the upbringing of the children. Child maintenance Singapore ensures the safety of the kids and also ensures that the kids upbringing is taken care.Since it’s the responsibility of parents to take care of the children the child maintenance has to be paid by the parent who has their kid living with them less than half of the time with them.The amount of child maintenance is not defined. It would depend on the time each parent has the kids staying with them.

Let’s see for whom child maintenance has to be paid:

  • For all Children who are below 16 years are entitled to get child maintenance
  • Kids who are below 20 years and who are studying full time in non-advanced educations.
  • Kids who are 16 to 17 years and are not in full time educations


When couple get divorced apart from the two people its also the kids who will get impacted. Its the duty of the parents to provide the child maintenance to ensure that all the needs of the kids is taken care.