Here’s how to straighten your hair without harming it

It is common knowledge that heat may destroy the hair and its quality. However, we are occasionally driven to utilise follicle-damaging devices — hair dryers, flat irons, and various chemicals — to obtain that straight-as-a-pin look. But did you know that you may style and straighten your hair without hurting it? Here are some techniques you may use to achieve the style you want while maintaining the health of your hair. Using heat causes dryness, breakage, and changes in natural hair pigmentation, among other things. Switch out your shampoo and conditioner. There are several straightener brands on the market for the sort of hair you want. If the one you’re presently using isn’t working, you might try another that’s designed to straighten and smooth your hair.

Blow dry with cold air

Instead of using hot air, use cold air when drying. Using a flat brush, proceed section by section while blowing air concurrently. If you are in a rush, skip this step.

Sleeping with damp hair

You might also sleep with your hair damp. Simply put your hair in a loose ponytail and use another to create a bun. Leave it tied overnight and loosen in the morning for straighter hair structure.

Hair masks and essential oils

You might also apply a straightening hair mask to achieve shinier, healthier hair. Hair masks may make our hair seem relaxed and straight by repairing the protein in our hair. Additionally, essential oils have been used for decades to tame and straighten hair with many straightener brands. They weigh down the hair and allow it to keep its style with their hair-repairing procedures.